Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes

1.  Where is Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals located and do I need to come by the office prior to going to my rental?
A - We are located in beautiful Ellijay, Georgia.  2218 Hwy 52 E Ellijay, GA, 30540.  Office Hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Even though our office is not officially open on Saturday or Sunday, we have someone on call answering phones from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.  For after hour emergencies, call the Mountain Oasis Office # (706) 276-4343. Depending on the time of day you are calling, a vm may pick up. Leave a message as they are check frequently and you will get a call back.  You are not required to check in at our office but if you have time to stop by and say Hi, we'd love to meet you!
2.  Are the 3:00 pm Check In Times and 11:00 am Check Out times flexible?
A -  Depends.  We need the time to prepare the property properly for your arrival.  Quality Control Inspections are typically made the day of arrival.  Any exceptions to the 3:00 check in have to be approved in advance.   We do offer a complimentary early and late check out for VIP Guests when it is possible.  Approval is necessary in advance. Some properties have a 4pm check in. 
3.  How do I get my directions and my keys to the property I am renting?
A - Your directions will be e-mailed to the e-mail you provided when you made your reservation, (after we receive your guest list and a copy of your Driver License) seven (7) days prior to your arrival.  You will be provided with the code to the lock box where your key will be provided.
4.  Is there a minimum number of nights you have to book?
A - Yes, we have a minimum of 2 nights. Holidays and peak seasons may require higher minimums.
5.  What if weather prevents me from getting to my cabin?
A - We will try to offer you up to date information on weather conditions relating to your cabin's location. We do not give refunds due to weather conditions but we do offer Travel Insurance through CSA AKA GGA at the time of booking and highly recommend purchasing this.  
6.  Does Mountain Oasis provide discounts to any local establishments while we are staying with you?
A - Yes!  We have many wonderful establishments that have offered discounts to our guests, from wonderful dining to a multitude of activities!  A complete listing of those establishments will be made available to you when you arrive at your cabin!  
7.  What if something is not working correctly or there is an issue at the cabin once we get there?
A - Contact us Immediately!  We cannot fix what we do not know about.  We will do everything we can to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.
8,  Do you charge for additional guests?  
A - Yes.  At our properties where the maximum occupancy is above 6, we may charge a per person, per night fee. See specific property to see what the extra fee per person is.  We have a maximum # of guests allowed at each property.  Unless previously approved in writing by Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals, no exceptions above the maximum can be allowed.  
9.  What is the minimum age to rent a cabin?
A - 25 years of age.  Any exception to this has to be approved in writing by Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals.
10.  Will my cell phone work at the cabin I am staying?
A - We can't guarantee your cell phone will have service.  There are "spots" where there is no cell service, depending on the carrier and other areas where they work fine.  Each cabin does have Wifi as well as a land line which you can use for emergency (911) and local calls.  The cabin phone # will be provided to you along with your driving directions for those needing to contact you in case of emergencies.  You may want to bring a pre-paid calling card if this presents an issue.

11.  We stayed at a cabin last year and there were lots of lady bugs in the cabin, is this normal?

A - Lady bugs are common in North Georgia, but they are seasonal.  Cabins that receive direct sun are the properties that are the most affected by them.  They usually show up in early Fall and then again in Spring and generally hang around for a couple of weeks.  They manage to get into cabins even though all of our properties are serviced regularly by a professional pest control service.  The are completely harmless, and fortunately don't hang around too long.

12:  We always travel with our pets, are they allowed at your cabins and what is the charge?

A - We love our pets too!  We only have a few properties that are not "Pet Friendly" and we have a few that do require a pet deposit.  As long as you are staying in one of our pet friendly properties, we allow up to 2 Dogs, 50# or less (no cats).  We do have a pet policy and as long as the items in our policy are met, we do not charge for pets (exceptions apply). (DOGS ONLY)