Tubing in Blue Ridge, GA: Laze in North Georgia’s Mountains

Summer’s arrival is so close that we can practically feel the sun’s scorch, smell the region’s budding flora, and hear the Toccoa River’s soothing surge. As spring subtly transforms into summer, the North Georgia mountains will once again allure hundreds of thousands of thrill-seekers into the picturesque communities of Blue Ridge and Ellijay. Adventurers young and old revere this land for its seemingly endless hiking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and ziplining opportunities. But a rising trend, especially here at Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals, is the constant buzz around summertime river-tubing. Tubing in Blue Ridge, GA, whether it’s on the Toccoa or Cartecay River, remains a tranquil, visually appealing, and playfully adventurous experience.

Tubing in Blue Ridge, GA: The Top 4 Local Outfitters
There are nearly a dozen local outfitters that offer kayaking, canoeing, and tubing in Blue Ridge, GA. Thus, first-time visitors have their hands full when it comes to selecting the best river-tubing experience that matches their group’s size, style, and budget. That being said, tubing is just about the most inexpensive adventure-based activity near our luxurious North Georgia cabin rentals. Keep reading to learn more about the region’s four top-reviewed tubing companies.

Toccoa Wilderness Tubing
Location: 8436 Aska Road, Blue Ridge, GA
Price: $10
River: Toccoa River
Trip length: 1.5-2 hours
Why choose Toccoa Wilderness Tubing? First and foremost, the Toccoa River is the area’s most family-friendly water source, as its rapids are very tame. Toccoa Wilderness Tubing’s two-hour trip floats past historic bridges, dense forestry, and the occasional boulder or two. Not only is Toccoa Wilderness close to the city’s center, but it’s the cheapest tubing option in the region.

Cartecay River Experience
Location: 2400 Highway 52 East, Ellijay, GA
Price: $15
River: Cartecay River
Trip length: 5-8 hours
Why choose the Cartecay River Experience? The Cartecay is packed with thrills, unlike most neighboring lazy rivers. Oftentimes, you’ll hear echoes of gleeful shrieks inside or near the river’s gorge, as tubers helplessly try to avoid boulders, cascades, and sharp turns. And, unlike most outfitters, the Cartecay River Experience allows you to spend up to eight hours on the water or river’s edge.

Ellijay River Outfitters
Location: 88 Holt Bridge Road, Ellijay, GA
Price range: $11-21
River: Cartecay River
Trip length: 1-5 hours
Why choose Ellijay River Outfitters? While Ellijay River Outfitters doesn’t technically offer tubing in Blue Ridge, GA, a lot of folks make the 22-mile southerly trek to this North Georgia staple. Ellijay River Outfitters is known for its kayaking excursions. However, the three-mile Cartecay River tubing voyage, which costs a whopping $21 per person, is perhaps the area’s most prized lazy river float.

Toccoa River Tubing Company
Location: 340 Toccoa Avenue, McCaysville, GA
Price: $10-15
River: Toccoa River
Trip length: 1.5-6 hours
Why choose the Toccoa River Tubing Company? The Toccoa River Tubing Company rests near the Georgia-Tennessee border in McCaysville. We typically recommend spending an extra hour or two in McCaysville or Copper Hill after a lengthy tube ride, as these neighboring communities boast spectacular dining and shopping.

North Georgia Luxury Cabin Rentals
After a full day of hiking, ziplining, and tubing in Blue Ridge, GA, retreat to one of the most popular cabins in North Georgia. Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals has a unique collection of cabins to choose from, some of which feature unobstructed views of the North Georgia mountains. And, if you’ve had your fill of tubing in Ellijay, GA, feel free to book a zipline canopy tour, visit a craft brewery or two, and go hunting for waterfalls. Please give us a call today at 706-276-4343 to book a long-awaited escape into the breathtaking North Georgia mountains.