The Best Apple Orchards in North Georgia

At a time like this, it’s hard not to peer far into the future toward autumn’s vibrancy. However, here in the dense North Georgia mountains near Ellijay, the weeks and months that precede peak foliage typically revolve around apples. Last year, we wrote about mid-October’s Georgia Apple Festival. This time around, we’re here to shed some light on the three best apple orchards in North Georgia.

The Top 3 Apple Orchards in North Georgia:
Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals proudly boasts a unique collection of  mountain vacation homes in North Georgia. Thus, we know a thing or two about picturesque natural beauty. And there’s nothing quite like a late-summer or early-autumn stroll in a fragrant, peaceful apple orchard. Ellijay apple picking also just happens to be the most romantic mid-day activity in September and October. We’ve spent an extensive amount of time at all three of these splendid apple orchards in North Georgia, all of which rest in the countryside near Ellijay or Blue Ridge.

Mercier Orchards
Blue Ridge’s Mercier is perhaps the premier apple orchard in Georgia, primarily because of its sprawling acreage, jaw-dropping tractor tours, and wide-ranging fruit. Mercier grows crunchy ambrosias, balanced empires, tart Granny Smiths, firm Fujis, sweet golden supremes, and just about everything in between. The property itself also boasts a bustling cafe, fruit-tastic market, and hard cider tasting room. The Mercier family business has been in operation since 1943, making it one of the oldest apple orchards in North Georgia, if not the Southeast.

B.J. Reece Orchards
While B.J. Reece Orchards’ total acreage cannot compete with Mercier, the general playfulness of the farm naturally attracts families with young children from all across the region. Unlike most apple orchards in North Georgia, B.J. Reece has a dedicated “Weekend Fun Farm” that includes a petting zoo, cow milking, wagon rides, pig races, and even ziplining. But, of course, couples cannot resist the urge to explore the vast acreage, which, from late August through October, sprouts hundreds of thousands of juicy, ripe Ellijay apples. B.J. Reece is known for its Arkansas blacks, ginger golds, Shizukas, and Rome beauties. Oh, and don’t leave the farm without devouring a slice of their world-famous fried pie!

Red Apple Barn
Apple picking in North Georgia is certainly not an overly taxing sport; it’s all about leisure, beauty, and mastering all five senses. That being said, the art of “the pick,” in combination with visual inspection and pre-visit knowledge of ripeness, is an important skill to learn before your arrival. Red Apple Barn is an idyllic place to practice your apple picking skills as it’s less frequented than Mercier and B.J. Reece. But the apples are just as delicious, and trees are often brimming with fruit. In fact, don’t be afraid to visit in mid-August when the Detroit reds, galas, and Honeycrisps are ripe.

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