The 3 Best North Georgia Golf Courses

Golf has always been exceedingly popular in Georgia, thanks in large part to Augusta National, home to the Masters. But the sport itself has seen a recent adulation spike as millions of Georgia residents rediscover the allure of golf and outdoor recreation as a whole. Over the past three-plus months, thousands of families and couples from The Peach State’s capital city have flocked northward en route to the peaceful, undeniably beautiful mountainside communities of Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and Mineral Bluff, home to Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals. Repeat visitors know to “expect the best” when it comes to our cabins, service, cleanliness, and amenities. And the excellence provided at the finest North Georgia golf courses is no different.

The Top 3 North Georgia Golf Courses
There aren’t hundreds of North Georgia golf courses to choose from, as you might expect. Finding real estate in these rolling, densely-thicketed forests that could accommodate an 18-hole course is nearly impossible. Thus, the selection is semi-limited. However, that doesn’t affect the region’s overall value, quality, or beauty. Before we dive into the three top-reviewed North Georgia golf courses, it’s worth noting that Mountain Oasis has an expansive fleet of mountain cabin rentals throughout the region. You might just be able to land a cabin that’s within a couple of miles from one of these long-standing golf staples.

Old Toccoa Farm
Naturally, the monarch of North Georgia golf courses is Old Toccoa Farm, a sprawling, multi-purpose community north of picturesque Blue Ridge. Old Toccoa is a Scottish links-style course, a rarity in Georgia (or any other mountainous region, for that matter). This masterpiece utilizes the farmstead’s rolling landscape and the surrounding forestry to craft a visual wonder that’s equally challenging and unforgettable. Golfers cannot get enough of the aesthetic, highlighted by mountain laurel, wildflower meadows, and, yes, those lush hardwoods.

Whitepath Golf Club
Ellijay’s Whitepath is a hidden gem if there ever was one, as it’s much less frequented than most North Georgia golf courses. Whitepath requires accuracy, creativity, and a polished short game, mainly because the towering hardwoods creep into nearly every tee shot and approach. Don’t let the challenge dissuade you from visiting this affordable golf club. It’s equally a visual delight and a technical marvel, with rolling fairways, speedy bentgrass, and pristine water hazards.

Butternut Creek Golf Course
The short, albeit scenic drive to Butternut Creek Golf Course, the pride of Blairsville, is a common occurrence for true lovers of the game. Butternut Creek provides, perhaps, the most awe-inspiring mountain views in the region. That, combined with the meticulously manicured fairways, greens, and tees, is why so many of our guests embark on the easterly jaunt to this Bill Watts-designed beauty.

North Georgia Cabin Rentals
Mountain Oasis’ extensive selection of North Georgia cabin rentals is sure to wow you, particularly our growing catalog of handcrafted mountain-view homes. The best way to commemorate a splendid day of championship golf is with a home-cooked meal, a hot tub soak under the stars, and a campfire complete with s’mores, ice-cold beverages, and good music. Each of these vacation rentals is distinctly decorated, sumptuous, and surprisingly affordable. Please give us a call today at 706-276-4343 (or check availability online) to book a long-awaited escape from Atlanta.