The Owners - Eddie and Debbie Osborne - Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals was established in 2014 with 12 years experience in the vacation rental industry.  We are humbled to have some of the best individuals in the industry on our team.  The partnership we have with our Owners is not only valued and appreciated but without it, we would have nothing.  Our goal is and always has been to provide the best possible service to our guests and our owners.  We are passionate about our business and active participants in the company and we live here!  As your Property Manager, we will always make ourselves available to you and provide you with dependable, honest service.  We relish your thoughts and suggestions on how we can improve our services and look forward to a long, lasting partnership.  We live by the "Golden Rule" and don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk in all that we do! 

                                                           Meet the Team!

Amy Dazey - Operations Manager  -  Amy joined the Mountain Oasis Team in 2016 bringing 12 years of vacation industry experience with her. Having been involved in all aspects of this industry as well as her high level of commitment and loyalty, she has proven to be a vital asset to the organization. Her excellent customer service skills are undeniable and her passion to jump in wherever needed are always evident.  

Debra Stepp  - "Certified Housekeeper"  -  Housekeeping/Cabin Inspections Manager

Debra has been with Mountain Oasis since it's  inception in 2014.  Not new to the industry, Debra was able to assist in all areas of developing the infrastructure of the company.  Her expertise in housekeeping/inspections makes her the perfect person to head up that department.  Debra's dedication and strong work ethic are apparent in all she does and has earned her the respect of everyone that works with her.

Saber Marks - Quality Control Manager 

Saber joined the team in 2018 as our Quality Control Manager over housekeeping/laundry. She comes with 3 years experience in the vacation rental industry and 20+ years in office administration/bookkeeping. Her vast knowledge in the vacation rental arena makes her the perfect compliment to our team and her passion for excellence is exactly what we were looking for.

Taylor Osborne - Vacation Planner

Taylor came on board in 2017.  She graduated in 2016 from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Hospitality.  Her congenial, bubbly personality and her knowledge of the North Georgia area makes her perfect for assisting guests with their vacation needs and desires.  Taylor will do what it takes to ensure the guest experience is everything that it should be and more!  

Jane Robinson - Lead Cabin Inspector Jane joined the team in 2015.  Having 4 years cabin inspection experience as well as excellent communication skills under her belt, she too has proven to be an invaluable asset to the organization.  Her performance in every situation is one that is well respected and does not go unnoticed. Jane's ability to "take the bull by the horns" and get the job done efficiently contributes greatly to the smooth flow of the operation.

Jeanne Bagwell – Laundry Specialist

Jeanne joined the Mountain Oasis Team in 2018 and has been an integral asset to our laundry facility. Her strong organization skills and her unwavering passion to do the best job possible has helped in achieving one of the most efficient laundry operations in North Georgia.

Shane Parker– Property Technician

Shane came to MOCR in 2017 with a substantial background in construction including painting, sheet rock, landscaping & yard maintenance. He is diligent in his efforts to attend to issues at our properties quickly and efficiently. He goes in with eyes wide open and approaches each job proactively which results in eliminating small issues before they become big issues.

Howard Mann – Property Technician

Howard was recruited in 2018 and comes with background in construction and maintenance.  He is proficient in attention to detail and his desire to be a team player is evident and appreciated by all

Lacey Panachida Mountain Oasis Decor & More Store Manager & Designer 

Lacey joined Mountain Oasis in 2018 as our Decor & More Store Manager.  Lacey can help anyone looking for a fresh look or a complete makeover whether it's your personal home or your vacation cabin.  Her creative style and love for people makes her the perfect compliment to our team!  

Jody McWhorter - Lead Housekeeper -  Jody joined Mountain Oasis in 2015 and has since earned her designation as a Certified Professional Housekeeper.  Jody is responsible for training all MOCR housekeepers and is also a Self Inspector.  Becoming a "Self Inspector" is only obtained when the housekeeper consistently maintains the standards set out to ensure all properties are prepared as they should be.  She is congenial, always ready to help in any situation and is respected by her peers.  We feel fortunate to have Jody on our team and appreciate all her hard work! 

Our Housekeepers - We employ numerous housekeepers and many of them work in teams in an effort to efficiently and effectively keep our properties in top notch condition.  Although most of our housekeepers come with vast experience in their field, we still provide and maintain training and continuing education on a regular basis to keep abreast of trends and updates in the housekeeping arena.  Some of them have already achieved their "Housekeeping Certification", not easily obtained but definitely worth the effort.  These hardworking, competent individuals are definitely the "Heart" of our business. Because of the great jobs they do, our guests are able to enjoy their experiences and make lifelong memories and our owners can rest assured that their homes are being  cared for properly.