A Handy Guide to the Best North Georgia Vineyards

If you’ve ever spontaneously tried to find a local vineyard while on vacation, the chances are high that you’ve searched for “vineyards near me,” which typically provides you with an oversized map of the area’s vineyards (some good, others not so much). Do you select the nearest, top-rated, or most visually-appealing vineyard? That depends on the individual. To ensure that you don’t have to search for “vineyards near me” this summer, we’ve compiled a handy list of our four favorite North Georgia vineyards, all within 20 miles of our luxurious North Georgia cabin rentals.

The 4 Best Vineyards in Georgia
One of the most popular things to do in North Georgia, especially in summer and fall, is self-guided vineyards tours. Couples and groups from all across the region flock to this beautiful land to savor some of the best vino in North America. Not all of these award-winning businesses will show up if you search for “vineyards near me,” however, which is why we created this thirst-inducing list.

Engelheim Vineyards – Engelheim has the best overall ratings on Vivino among North Georgia vineyards. Their 100 percent estate-grown Traminett is a five-time award-winning label with crisp acidity and a hint of sweetness. The vineyard itself features distant views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a modest, dimly-lit chateau, and a small but pleasing patio along the edge of the vineyard.

Chateau Meichtry – You won’t find a better Chambourcin in North Georgia as this dry, subtly herbal, 100 percent locally-grown delight is a crowd pleaser, especially during the cooler months. The tasting room is playfully medieval, the mountain views from the patio are sublime, and the vineyard tours give you an authentic glimpse of North Georgia wine country.

Bear Claw Vineyards – Bear Claw remains a hidden gem despite besting all other Blue Ridge vineyards in nearly every flavor category possible. Personally, we absolutely love their full-bodied, oak-aged Cabernet Sauvignon, which pairs splendidly with pork or steak. Their tasting room has more of a brew hall allure than your average winery, but the rustic deep-woods patio is a true delight. We highly recommend enrolling in their weekly Wine & Dine VIP Tour.

Cartecay Vineyards – Cartecay is so incredibly unique that we couldn’t keep them off this list if we tried. This establishment may operate out of a repurposed barn in the middle of nowhere, but you won’t find a more relaxed, authentic North Georgia atmosphere. Crush Festival is always a rousing annual event, and there’s also live music every weekend on their gorgeous vineyard-view stage!

North Georgia Luxury Cabin Rentals
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