How to Work Remotely and Travel: North Georgia Edition

A common theme here in the summer of 2020 is remote work. Many Americans are cleverly realizing the potential of working remotely while also vacationing or traveling with the family. Learning how to work remotely and travel simultaneously takes practice, preparation, and flexibility. Essentials, such as high-speed Wi-Fi, quiet spaces, and office-like services, are needed to pull this off. Luckily for you, Mountain Oasis boasts dozens of idyllic North Georgia cabin rentals that were crafted to look and feel much like your own home. It doesn’t matter whether you call it “work travel,” “work while traveling,” or a “work vacation.” What matters is finding a suitable getaway destination that the entire family can appreciate that also features the necessary amenities that an everyday office employee requires.

Discover the North Georgia Mountains
Mountain Oasis possesses an eclectic mix of North Georgia luxury cabin rentals in Ellijay, Blue Ridge, and Mineral Bluff. This particularly stunning slice of the Appalachians’ Blue Ridge Mountains is only 78 miles from Downtown Atlanta and 67 miles from Chattanooga. Residents of Knoxville, Huntsville, Athens, Asheville, Nashville, and Greenville also frequent these quiet, undeniably beautiful woodlands. Laughing Bear Lodge, Dancing Bear, Cedar Shoals, and countless other hand-crafted log homes offer speedy internet, ample counter space, televisions, and plenty of comfortable luxuries, such as chef’s kitchens, hot tubs, and electric fireplaces. Don’t forget about our concierge services, in-cabin meal preparation, custom gift baskets, and pet-friendly options!

Work While Traveling in North Georgia
So, what does working remotely mean if you’re supposed to be vacationing? Well, work travel often requires ample flexibility. However, you don’t want to work from dawn to dusk. Thus, it’s critical to get an early start before the rest of the family rises. As you likely know by now, balancing work and home life isn’t easy. That being said, it can be done. For instance, you can still eat breakfast and lunch with the family. Feel free to bask on your lengthy porch overlooking the mountains while writing a memo, calculating data, or even chatting with a client. Let the family, especially the kiddos, explore the area during your shift. When they stop back at the cabin around 2 or 3 p.m., you’ll be ready for a full evening of fun! And when the weekend rolls around, you’ll have the whole family to yourself. Oh, and remember to use a day or two of PTO to ensure it feels just like your typical vacation.

10 Fun Things to Do with the Family
When vacationing, any parent will tell you that it’s critical to plan a tentative schedule complete with a bevy of backup ideas. You never know when a curveball will be thrown at you, including urgent tasks from the office. To ensure that everything goes swimmingly this summer or fall here at Mountain Oasis, we’ve compiled 10 potential mid-day activities that nearly every family member can agree upon.  To book a long-awaited work vacation to the stunning North Georgia mountains, please call our toll-free number at 706-276-4343.