Fly Fishing near Blue Ridge, GA: Hook a Trophy Rainbow Trout

Georgia’s Fannin County, home to picturesque Blue Ridge, GA, is widely appraised as the “trout capital of the South.” Plumb rainbow (and brown) trout thrive in the world-famous Toccoa River, which meanders through the lush Chattahoochee National Forest en route to Blue Ridge Lake. Anglers will also unearth a sprawling, mountainous backcountry highlighted by dozens of streams, known to locals as trout “honey holes.” Although, most North Georgians won’t divulge information about their favorite off-the-beaten-path hot spots. Thus, if you plan to go fly fishing near Blue Ridge, GA, this autumn or winter, we recommend seeking the services of a regional guide. The perfect place to start and finish each day of trout wrangling is Mountain Oasis, home to the region’s finest fleet of North Georgia cabin rentals.

Fly Fishing near Blue Ridge, GA: Guided Services
Fly fishing in North Georgia is a nature enthusiast’s “rite of passage,” primarily because it encapsulates the region: natural beauty, tempered adventure, and local charm (provided by the guide). While the area is beloved for its whitewater rafting and tree-top ziplining, most mid-day pursuits lean toward tranquility and mild exercise, such as Toccoa River tubing, championship golf, and apple picking. Unsurprisingly, fly fishing near Blue Ridge, GA, fits into that mold, where mid-stream repose melds superbly with the rolling aesthetic. To ensure that your next trout-focused escape into the North Georgia mountains is nothing short of flawless, our concierge has ranked their five favorite fly guides (as seen below):
Cohutta Fishing Company
North Georgia Trout Fishing
Appalachian Anglers Guide Service
Fly Fish Blue Ridge
Fly Shop Company

North Georgia: The Trout Capital of the South
As mentioned above, North Georgia is often regarded as the “trout capital of the South.” The Toccoa River, in particular, is home to some of the plumpest “trophy” trout in the country. Colorful rainbow trout remain the targeted species of choice, but it’s hard to imagine the bright, monstrous brown trout that swarm in these rivers and streams grow larger in any other place on earth. Most folks prefer the wading experience, as it allows anglers to feel the water’s pulse for an extended period of time. But float trips cater to all audiences, especially those who are new to the sport. Trips to and from private land cost more, to no one’s surprise, but they supply much more privacy and hands-on experiences. That being said, the popularized Toccoa River still yields incredible results. Regardless of your style, group size, or budget, you’ll quickly discover why fly fishing in North Georgia is such a beloved pastime. 

North Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals
After a full day of fly fishing near Blue Ridge, GA, return to your mountain-view cabin for a memorable evening, highlighted by a gourmet meal by chef Trey Griffith, a glass of wine at dusk, hot tub stargazing, and fireside relaxation. Mountain Oasis is proud to present an array of North Georgia cabin rentals, all of which feature countless amenities, including covered decks, unobstructed mountain vistas, outdoor hot tubs, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, vaulted ceilings, distinctive decor, and chef’s kitchens. Rustic mountain charm meets a whole new level of sophistication, approximately 75 miles north of Atlanta. To book a well-deserved outdoor adventure to beautiful Blue Ridge, GA, please give us a call today at 706-276-4343 (or check availability online).