Blue Ridge Helicopter Tours, an Exhilarating Experience

Aerial Photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are one of the most picturesque regions in the Southeastern United States. If you think it’s beautiful from ground level, imagine getting a bird’s-eye view of it. Blue Ridge helicopter tours take your mountain experience to new heights with an incredible flight over the region.

About Blue Ridge Helicopter Tours

Blue Ridge helicopter tours are a unique way to explore the scenic Blue Ridge Mountain range. You’ll fly with a professional pilot around the region filled with breathtaking scenery of the mountains, lakes, towns, and more. You’ll even cross the state line into Tennessee before returning to the base. The best part is that the tours are designed for everyone to enjoy. You can find excellent packages for all budgets. Be sure to ask your concierge if there are any discounts available for local attractions.

Sightseeing on the Helicopter Tour

Local tour providers have various helicopter tours available depending on what you’d like to see during the flight. A few of the tour options include:
  • Lakes
  • Towns
  • Champagne tours
  • Custom tours
There are so many lakes in the Blue Ridge Mountain region that it’s hard to see them all from the ground level. Luckily, the aerial view gives you the best view to truly appreciate how big the lakes are and how they shape the landscape. Lake tours give you a chance to visit the top lakes in the region.
Plan a tour around the many towns in the region. You’ll get to fly over local towns, including Blue Ridge, Helen, Blairsville, and Ellijay. The town tours let you see the unique layout of each town and the local attractions from above.
Did you know that helicopter tours are an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion? Champagne tours are the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or make a wedding proposal. The experience includes glasses of champagne while soaring high above the Blue Ridge Mountains. It will be an unforgettable moment.
If you’d like a special helicopter excursion, inquire about organizing a custom tour. The friendly staff will help design any kind of Blue Ridge helicopter tour that you can imagine. Let them know what you’d like to see, and the team will put together a personalized trip.

Where to Find a Helicopter Tour?

The best companies for helicopter tours are: Both companies operate similar tours around the Blue Ridge region. You can find helicopters suitable for 1-3 passengers and tours lasting as short as 20 minutes. Both offer custom helicopter tours.
Meanwhile, Mountain Oasis has the best cabins available when visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rentals provide comfortable accommodations and are conveniently located near all of the local attractions. Be sure to ask about Blue Ridge helicopter tours, and the staff will assist you in booking a tour. Call 844-306-2747 today to find the best accommodation for your trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.