A Superbowl Getaway to the North Georgia Mountains
With Atlanta set to host its first Super Bowl since 2000, football fanatics and confident fanbases are already starting to purchase plane tickets and week-long accommodations all across the region. Some visiting fans might overlook the North Georgia mountains for a Super Bowl getaway, but that would be a mistake. Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals is the perfect place for an adventurous, relaxing, and secluded week leading up to the big game. Downtown Ellijay, GA, is only 77 miles north of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Much of the 80-minute trip is spent on the fast-moving Interstate 575. When you’re not participating in the Super Bowl festivities, venture into the North Georgia mountains. Our area has breathtaking waterfalls, scenic hikes, exhilarating zip line tours, and so much more! Here’s everything you need to know about Super Bowl LIII, the region, and our Georgia mountain cabins.

Super Bowl LIII
The city of Atlanta will host its third Super Bowl on Sunday, February 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The stadium rests on the west end of Downtown Atlanta. The last time the Peach State hosted a Super Bowl was in 2000 when the St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans, 23-16. That game is widely considered one of the best Super Bowls of all time. Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson was stopped at the one-yard line on the game’s final play. If Dyson would’ve found the end zone, the Titans would have likely tied the game and went into overtime. This year’s halftime show will be performed by Maroon 5, led by megastar Adam Levine. With the season already ten weeks old, we wouldn’t be surprised to welcome many folks from New Orleans and Pittsburgh.

Outdoor Activities near Ellijay, GA
The Ellijay area is known to most as a picturesque mountain escape from the busy streets of the Atlanta metropolis. Some Atlanta residents have already started booking North Georgia vacations for Super Bowl weekend to avoid the crowds and traffic. For those of you who’re unfamiliar with North Georgia’s weather, we usually experience upper-50s during February. We’re prone to an occasional, short-lived snowstorm (which can be quite beautiful, actually), but the North Georgia mountains are home to some of the Southeastern United States’ best waterfalls, hikes, and zip line tours.

Georgia Mountain Cabins
Mountain Oasis Cabin Rentals has a plethora of inexpensive Super Bowl packages on our specials webpage. Despite the popularity of the Super Bowl, our prices will stay the same during the festivities. Take advantage of our ultra-luxurious, pet-friendly log homes during your visit to Georgia. Many of these vacation rentals overlook gorgeous mountain ranges, tranquil lakes, and rushing rivers. You’ll be hardpressed to find any Super Bowl hotel rooms in these price ranges. Our Georgia mountain cabins are the perfect places to host Super Bowl parties. You’ll have complete seclusion, world-class amenities, and enough space to sleep a dozen guests (depending on which cabin you choose). Give us a call today at 1-706-276-4343 to book a Super Bowl getaway in the North Georgia mountains.